14-Year Teen Girl Ends Life Due To Unbearable Period Pain In Mumbai

"Due to lack of knowledge about menstrual cycle, the girl took the extreme step" stated the police.

Mumbai Teen Girl Committed Suicide Amid Period Pain: A heart-whelming incident occurred on 26 March 2024 in Mumbai’s Malwani area, where a 14-year-old girl hung to death due to being stressed because of her first-period experience.

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Can period pain be deadly? Well, the answer to this is, that menstrual cramps themselves usually don’t cause complications, other than disrupting daily life, but a lack of knowledge about this can cause death.

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The same happened with the girl who was found dead in her home, Lakshmi Chawls, Malwani, as the police stated that the deceased was having her first menstrual cycle but she had no knowledge about it.

According to reports, the incident took place on Tuesday evening when the girl was alone at her residence. When her relatives and neighbors discovered her condition, they took her to Kandivali’s public hospital. Where the doctors declared her dead on arrival.

An investigating officer stated, “During an interrogation, her relatives said that the girl had undergone a painful experience during her recent menstrual period. She was very disturbed and was under mental stress, which might have caused her to take such a severe step.”

Police also stated that the body of the deceased girl will be handed over to her parents once the postmortem and other necessary procedures are done. Whereas, the police have filed an accidental death report of the girl to continue further investigation.

This incident has raised concerns about the lack of awareness among teenagers about the menstrual cycles. The aforementioned incident describes how crucial it is to spread awareness about periods and maintain proper mental health.

If you are undergoing any stress and anxiety or having suicidal thoughts, you can call the central government-launched KIRAN, a national helpline set by the Ministry of Social Justice at 1800-599-0019 or iCall, a psychosocial helpline at 022-25521111.


Q1. Does the girl in Mumbai commit suicide due to menstrual pain?

Ans. Yes, the girl in Mumbai committed suicide as she was undergoing her first menstrual cycle and was stressed about it.

Q2. Is there any other reason behind the Mumbai teen girl suicide?

Ans. The police is still investigating the Mumbai teen girl suicide case, however, no other reason other than mental stress due to period has been revealed yet.

Q3. What was the age of the girl who committed suicide due to mental stress & period pain in Mumbai?

Ans. The deceased girl who committed suicide due to mental stress & period pain in Mumbai was 14 years old.

Q4. Where does the girl who committed suicide due to menstrual pain belong to?

Ans. The girl who committed suicide due to menstrual pain belongs to Mumbai’s Malwani area.

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