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7 Common Mistakes To Avoid In CBSE/CISCE Board Examination 2024

Are you a student appearing for their board examination in 2024? If so then check out the common mistakes that you should avoid in the board exam.

Board exams play a crucial role in shaping a student’s path towards their future. Whether it is a central, state, or any private board, the experience is always new for students in classes 10 and 12. However, they often make common mistakes in their board exams, either on the OMR sheet or in writing answers.

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The CBSE 2024 board examination is going to start on 15 February and will last till 2 April 2024. Being a board exam student you must also have a dream of scoring well in exams, don’t you?

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Every student preparing for board exams does their best to get good marks, hoping to begin their higher education journey on a positive note. But many times some common mistakes can be a barrier in it.

So for this, we are acknowledging some common mistakes that candidates generally make in the CBSE 2024 board examination. Continue reading the article to learn more about this.

Common Mistakes To Avoid In 2024 CBSE/CISCE Board Examinations

Students appearing for the CBSE or CISCE board examination for session 2024 should keep these things in mind so that they do not make these mistakes in their examination and score well.

1- Not Reaching The Exam Centre On Time

The board examination is the first step of a student toward their future or we can say career after 12th, whereas, not reaching the exam centre on time can cause trouble for the student as they are not allowed to enter the exam centre.

To ensure a smooth verification process for the CBSE board examination 2024, students should reach the exam centre at least 15 minutes before the exam’s scheduled time.

2- Ignoring Certain Subjects/Topics

Another mistake made by students is to neglect certain topics from different subjects. It is to be noted that every subject and every chapter has weightage in the CBSE board examination 2024, so skipping a topic or chapter will not be beneficial for the students.

Ignoring any specific topic can significantly impact their board exam scores and percentages. So the candidates are advised to study every topic from each subject to score well in their 2024 CBSE board examination.

3- Relying On 1 Study Material

Sometimes candidates think that studying from only 1 source is good and beneficial for them but this is not true. Students should explore many kinds of study material i.e. online or offline while preparing for the board examination in 2024.

Every source such as books, questionnaires, exam ideas, and sample paper books offers a unique perspective and a depth of knowledge. So a candidate should study from more than 1 source and you should also revise well from the NCERT books.

4- Not Answering As Per The Word Limit

At times candidates think that the answer they have written for a particular question is enough to justify their points but sometimes it might not be enough. Students are advised to limit their answers as per the word limit given by the authority and revise before going to the next question.

Students should not overwrite the information and also avoid writing less than required in the CBSE board examination 2024.

5- Lack Of Time Management

Lack of time management happens when a candidate gives extra time to solve a question. As all the students know the CBSE board examination 2024 has a duration of 3 hours and each question takes a particular amount of time to solve. 

In such situations, when students have limited time to solve a question, giving extra time to a single question will turn into a disadvantage.

6- Leaving Questions In Exam

When it comes to board exams, leaving a question unanswered can have a negative impact on your overall score. It’s better to attempt every question, even if you’re not completely sure of the answer.

Keep in mind that exams are designed to challenge you, and it’s normal to encounter questions that you may not know the answer.

If you find yourself struggling with a question, try breaking the question into smaller parts and see if you can answer any of them.

7- Neglecting Health & Well Being

While preparing for the board examination, students start ignoring their health, proper meals, and their sleep schedule. This would cause health issues and a lack of concentration while preparation.

Students should take a healthy and balanced diet along with proper sleep and regular exercise to keep their body healthy and fit. A healthy body and healthy mind can boost the student’s memorising power, concentration, and performance.

Students who are appearing for the 2024 CBSE or CISCE board examinations can keep in mind that stress is the major negative factor among the students that prevents them from scoring well in the board exams.

If you have any queries regarding the CBSE or CISCE board exam 2024, feel free to ask below in the comment section. We will give you a response as soon as possible.


Q1. Does the CBSE deduct marks for exceeding word limits?

Ans. No, the CBSE board does not deduct marks from the students for exceeding the word limits.

Q2. When is the CBSE 2024 board examination scheduled to be held?

Ans. The CBSE board exam 2024 is scheduled to be held from 15 February 2024 to 2 April 2024.

Q3. Can I take references from more than 1 source while preparing for the CBSE board exam 2024?

Ans. Yes, a student can take references from more than 1 source to prepare for the CBSE board exam 2024.

Q4. Can I leave questions in the CBSE/ICSE board exam 2024?

Ans. It is the choice of students to leave a question, but the students are advised to not leave any question blank in the CBSE or ICSE board exam 2024.

Q5. What mistakes do the students make in the CBSE or ISC board exams?

Ans. Lack of time management, neglecting health and well-being, leaving questions black, reaching late to the exam centre, and answering beyond the word limit are some common mistakes that a student makes in the CBSE board examination 2024.


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