List of Job-Oriented Courses After 10th 2024

Check popular courses after 10th here. Know details about Diploma, Polytechnic, ITI, Vocational & other high salary courses.

Feeling a mix of anxiety and confusion about what lies beyond Class 10th boards is perfectly normal for any student at this stage of life. The choices can be overwhelming, but fear not! In this article, we will unravel the mysteries surrounding the different courses available after 10th grade, we will also help you determine the best stream to choose, from and pave the way for a successful career path.

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So, if you’re seeking clarity and direction, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive in and chart your course to a bright future.

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1) Diploma courses after 10th grade

Diploma courses after 10th grade

Diploma courses after completing the 10th standard offer a fascinating pathway to acquire specialised knowledge and practical skills in various fields. These courses provide a unique opportunity for students to explore their passions and interests while preparing for a rewarding career. 

The advantage of diploma courses lies in their focused approach, enabling students to gain in-depth knowledge and develop specific technical abilities. Moreover, diploma courses often have shorter durations compared to traditional degree programs, allowing students to enter the workforce sooner.

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List of some popular diploma courses after 10th that you can consider, mentioning their course details, duration and future scope:

Courses Duration Course detailsFuture scope
Diploma in Engineering1-3 yearsTechnical education in various engineering disciplines through practical and theoretical training.High demand in industries for technical expertise.
Diploma in Pharmacy2 yearsCovers topics related to pharmaceutical science & medicine.Career prospects in pharmaceutical companies and healthcare facilities.
Diploma in Hotel Management1-2 yearsProvides knowledge and skills in hotel operations and management.Growth in the hospitality and tourism industry.
Diploma in Fashion Designing1 yearFocuses on fashion design, garment construction, and styling.Potential in the fashion and garment industry.
Diploma in Interior Designing2 yearsCovers aspects of interior design, space planning, and decoration.Increasing demand for interior designers in residential and commercial sectors.
Diploma in Event Management1 yearTeaches skills related to planning and organising events.Opportunities in event planning companies and the entertainment industry.
Diploma in Digital Marketing1 yearCovers various aspects of online marketing and advertisingGrowing demand for digital marketing professionals across industries
Diploma in Animation and Multimedia1 yearFocuses on 2D/3D animation, visual effects, and multimedia design.Job prospects in animation studios, gaming companies, and advertising agencies.
Diploma in Travel and Tourism2 yearsProvides knowledge about travel industry operations and management.Career options in travel agencies, tour operators, and airlines
Diploma in Financial Accounting1-2 yearsCovers accounting principles, taxation, and financial management.Employment opportunities in accounting firms and financial institutions.
Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication1 yearFocuses on media studies, journalism, and communication skills.Careers in media houses, broadcasting, and communication sectors.
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology2 yearsFocuses on laboratory testing and diagnostics.Opportunities in diagnostic labs and healthcare settings.
popular diploma courses after 10th

2) Polytechnic Courses after 10th Grade

Polytechnic Courses after 10th

Polytechnic courses after 10th grade offer a practical and focused approach towards career development. These programs provide students with specialised skills and knowledge in various fields, equipping them for the ever-evolving job market. From engineering to design and technology, polytechnic courses open doors to exciting opportunities and promising futures.

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Here is a list of some common polytechnic courses with their duration, course details and future scopes:

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering3 yearsCovers subjects like mechanics, thermodynamics, manufacturing processes, CAD/CAM, and industrial training.Opportunities in industries like manufacturing, aerospace, and maintenance. Job roles include mechanical engineer, design engineer
Diploma in Civil Engineering3 years Focuses on topics such as structural engineering, surveying, construction materials, building planning, and project management.Job prospects in construction companies, infrastructure projects, real estate and government  organisations.
Diploma in Electrical Engineering3 yearsCovers subjects like electrical circuits, power systems, control systems, electrical machines, and electronics.Opportunities in power generation, transmission, electrical equipment manufacturing, and automation industries
Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering3 yearsFocuses on programming languages, data structures, computer networks, database management, software development, and web technologies.Career options in IT companies, software development firms, cybersecurity, and networking.
Diploma in Chemical Engineering3 yearsCovers topics like chemical processes, plant design, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and safety measures.Job roles include chemical engineer, process engineer, quality control analyst, and production supervisor.
Diploma in Automobile Engineering3 yearsFocuses on automotive technology, engine design, vehicle dynamics, automotive electronics, and workshop practices.Job prospects in automobile manufacturing companies, service centres. Roles include automobile engineer, service technician.
Diploma in Instrumentation Engineering3 yearsCovers subjects like control systems, sensors, transducers, process control, and industrial automation.Instrumentation engineer, control systems technician, maintenance engineer, and process automation specialist.
Diploma in Architecture3 yearsFocuses on architectural design, building construction, structural systems, architectural drafting, and urban planning.Architect, architectural drafter, project coordinator, and interior designer
Diploma in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration1-2 yearsFocuses on air conditioning systems, refrigeration technology, HVAC design, and maintenance of cooling systems.Opportunities in HVAC companies, refrigeration industries, facility management, and service centres.
Diploma in Agriculture2-3 yearsCovers topics like crop cultivation, soil science, plant pathology, agricultural economics, and farm management.job prospects in agricultural firms, plantations, agricultural research institutes, and government agricultural departments.
Diploma in Business Administration1-3 yearsFocuses on business principles, marketing, finance, human resources, entrepreneurship, and organisational management.Opportunities in various industries, startups, and government agencies. Job roles include business executive, marketing manager.
polytechnic courses after 10th

3) ITI courses after 10th grade

ITI courses after 10th

ITI (Industrial Training Institute) courses after 10th grade offer vocational training in various technical and non-technical trades. These courses are designed to provide practical skills and knowledge to students, making them job-ready in specific industries. ITI courses typically have a duration of 1 to 2 years, depending on the trade.

Here is the information regarding the duration, course details, and future scope of various Technical and Non-Technical ITI courses:

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Technical ITI Courses:

CoursesDuration Course detailsFuture scope
Electrician 2 yearsmetal fabrication, assembly, and maintenance of machinery and equipment Electric wiring, installation, and maintenance of electrical system 
Fitter 2 yearsmetal fabrication, assembly , and maintenance of machinery and equipment Job opportunities in manufacturing and maintenance sectors as fitters, machine operators, or quality inspectors.
Draughtsman (Civil/Mechanical)2 yearsTechnical drawing, CAD software, blueprint reading.Job prospects in architectural firms, engineering companies, and construction industries as draughtsmen or CAD operators.
Electronics Mechanic2 yearsElectronics assembly, repair, and maintenanceEmployment in electronics manufacturing and consumer electronics industries as electronics technicians.
Technical ITI Courses

Non-Technical ITI Courses:

Courses Duration Course detailsFuture scope
Dress Making
1 yearPattern making, cutting, and sewing of garments.Career opportunities in the fashion industry, garment manufacturing, & self-employment as dressmakers or tailors.
Hair and Skin Care1 yearHairdressing techniques, skincare, and beauty treatments.Employment in beauty salons, and spa establishments as hair stylists or skincare specialists.
Front Office Assistant
1 yearFront desk operations, guest relations, and communication skills.Job opportunities in hotels, corporate offices, and customer service sectors as front desk executives or receptionists.
Cutting and Sewing1 yearsBasic sewing techniques, fabric cutting, and garment stitching.Job opportunities in garment manufacturing units, tailoring shops, and fashion industry as cutting and sewing operators
Non-Technical ITI Courses

4) Vocational courses after 10th grade

Vocational courses offer a refreshing departure from the conventional education system, allowing you to immerse yourself in hands-on training and industry-relevant knowledge. It’s a journey that unveils a realm of possibilities, where passion and aptitude take the lead.

Whether you have a flair for fashion, an inclination towards technology, a passion for culinary arts, or an affinity for craftsmanship, vocational courses provide the gateway to turn your interests into a profession. 

Physiotherapy technician2 yearsCovers topics such as anatomy, physiology, therapeutic exercises, electrotherapy, patient care, and medical ethics.Can work in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, physiotherapy clinics, and nursing homes. 
Web design1 yearHTML, CSS, JavaScript, UX design, responsive design, and web development.Website design, coding and web development technique
Fashion designing1-2 years Fashion illustration, garment construction, and styling.Opportunities in the fashion industry, apparel manufacturing, or starting a fashion label.
HR management2 yearsHospitality management, food production, and guest services.
Employment in hotels, resorts, cruise ships, or starting one’s own catering business.
Jewellery design1 yearJewellery designing, gemology, metalwork, and gemstone identification.Employment opportunities in jewellery design studios, or starting your own jewellery business.
Animation 1 year2D/3D animation, character design, visual effects, and storyboarding.Job prospects in animation studios, film industry, advertising agencies, or game development companies.
Sports nutritions1 yearNutrition principles, sports supplementation, dietary planning for athletes.Employment opportunities in sports organisations, fitness centres, or working with professional athletes.
Craft course in food production1 yearFood preparation techniques, culinary arts, bakery and confectionery.Career options in hotels, restaurants, catering businesses, or starting your own food production venture.
popular vocational courses after 10th

5) Medical and Paramedical Courses after 10th Grade

After completing 10th grade, several medical and paramedical courses are available that can lead to a rewarding career in the healthcare industry. Here are some popular options:

Courses Duration Course detailsFuture scope
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT)1-2 yearsIt covers subjects such as clinical pathology, biochemistry, microbiology, and immunology.Graduates of DMLT can find employment in medical laboratories, hospitals, and diagnostic centres.
Diploma in Radiography1-2 yearsThis course focuses on diagnostic imaging techniques such as X-ray, CT scan, MRI, and ultrasound.They have career opportunities in hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centres. 
Diploma in Optometry2 yearsThis course deals with vision care, optometric techniques, contact lenses, and refraction. Graduates of optometry can find employment in eye care clinics, hospitals, and optical stores.
Diploma in Dental Hygiene2 yearsThis course focuses on oral health care, dental procedures, scaling, and preventive dental care. Dental hygiene professionals can find employment in dental clinics, hospitals, and dental departments.
Medical courses after 10th

High Salary courses after 10th grade

Below is the list of trending high-salary courses that you can consider pursuing:

Course Duration Salary 
Commercial Pilot Training2 yearsINR 1.5-2 L per month
Merchant Navy coursesvariesINR 2k-2L per month
Event Management 1 yearINR 20k-1L per month
Digital Marketing1 yearINR 15k-1L per month
Graphic Designing 1 yearINR 50K-2L per month
Animation and Multimedia2 yearsINR 1L-2L per month
Makeup and Beauty courses1 yearINR 50K-1.5L per month
Culinary Arts1 yearINR 50K-1L per month
Photography 1yearINR 40K-1L per month
Fashion styling and Designing1yearINR 1L- 2L per month
High salary courses after 10th

Which stream to select after 10th grade?

Choosing the right stream after 10th grade is a crucial decision that sets the foundation for one’s career path. It is important to consider personal interests, aptitude, and future goals while making this choice. 

  • Science stream opens doors to fields like engineering, medicine, and research. 
  • Commerce stream offers opportunities in finance, business, and entrepreneurship. 
  • Arts stream provides avenues in humanities, social sciences, and creative fields. 
  • Vocational courses provide specialised skills in areas like IT, hospitality, and healthcare. 

It is essential to gather information, seek guidance from counsellors, and assess one’s strengths and interests before making a decision. Ultimately, selecting a stream that aligns with one’s passion and future aspirations is the key to a fulfilling and successful career journey.


Q- Which field is easy after 10th?

Ans- Ease can vary from person to person, but some relatively easier fields after 10th include Commerce, Arts/Humanities, and certain vocational courses based on individual interests and aptitudes.

Q- Which stream to choose after 10th?

Ans- The choice of stream after 10th depends on your interests, aptitude, and future career goals. The available options are Science, Commerce, and Arts/Humanities.

Q- What’s next after 10th?

Ans- After 10th, the next step is to choose a suitable educational pathway, such as enrolling in higher secondary education (11th and 12th grade), pursuing a diploma or vocational course, or entering the workforce.

Q- Which stream is best after 10th for a high salary?

Ans- There is no guaranteed stream for a high salary after 10th. However, pursuing Science or Commerce with a focus on in-demand professions can offer good salary prospects in the future.

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