Delhi NCR Schools Received Bomb Threats, Parents Show Up At School Gates

Check what does the police said about the unknown Email Id from which the schools received bomb threats.

On the morning of May 1, 2024, panic gripped schools and parents in Delhi NCR as a number of schools in the area received bomb threats from an unknown Email. After the news of the bomb in school spread in the area, parents show up at school premises to bring their kids home.

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The local police of Delhi immediately evacuated all the schools that received bomb threats when they were informed about the incident. The bomb detection team, bomb disposal squad, and officials of the fire brigade are investing in the case and a search operation is underway. 

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Delhi police also stated in a video that parents as well as students do not need to panic as the police are investigating the case and no trace of a bomb has been found in the school premises.

Officials also revealed that they have traced the email ID from which the bomb threat was received by the schools and the location of the email is from Russia.

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Q1. When did the Delhi school receive bomb threats?

Ans. Schools in Delhi NCR received bomb threats on 1 May 2024.

Q2. Is the email from which Delhi schools received bomb threats traced?

Ans. Reports said that the email from which Delhi schools received bomb threats has been traced by the police.

Q3. Is the bomb threat received by Delhi school real?

Ans. Police stated that they had not found any bomb on the school premises till now, so the bomb threats were said to be fake.

Q4. Are the schools in Delhi closed due to bomb threats?

Ans. The school that received bomb threats in Delhi was vacated by the police and has been closed till the police investigation is ongoing, however, no further information regarding the closure of schools has been issued by the government till now.

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