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NEET UG Toppers List 2023 till 2019: Category-wise, State-wise & Gender-wise Toppers List

Aiming for NEET UG 2024? check here the state-wise 2023 toppers list along with the marks and percentile.

NEET UG 2023 Topper’s List: The National Testing Agency conducted the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (UG) for 2087462 candidates at 4097 different Centres located in 499 Cities throughout the country including 14 Cities outside India on 07 May 2023 (Sunday) from 02:00 P.M. to 05:20 P.M.

Get NEET UG Toppers List 2023 latest news and updates

After the exam results were announced on June 13, 2023, the NTA Officials published the NEET toppers list 2023 press release. The NEET result 2023 topper list is prepared by combining the candidate’s marks, percentile score, and NEET All India Rank.

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NEET UG Toppers 2023

According to the NEET 2023 results, Prabanjan J and Bora Varun Chakravarthi topped the exam, achieving All India Rank 1 with 720 points and 99.9999019 percentile scores.

Candidates can find the detailed NEET UG toppers 2023 list in the tabular below. 

All India RankBarrera AliGenderCategoryScoreStatePercentile Score
1Prabanjan JMaleGeneral720Tamil Nadu99.9999019
1Bora Varun ChakravarthiMaleOBC- NCL(Central List)720Andhra Pradesh99.9999019
3Kaustav BauriMaleSC716Tamil Nadu99.9998528
4Pranjal AggarwalFemaleGeneral715Punjab99.999068
5Dhruv AdvaniMaleGeneral715Karnataka99.999068
6Surya Siddharth NMaleOBC- NCL(Central List)715Tamil Nadu99.999068
7Shriniketh RaviMaleGeneral715Maharashtra99.999068
8Swayam Shakti TripathyMaleGeneral715Odisha99.999068
9Varun SMaleOBC- NCL(Central List)715Tamil Nadu99.999068
10Parth KhandelwalMaleGeneral715Rajasthan99.999068
11Ashika AggarwalFemaleGeneral715Punjab99.999068
12Sayan PradhanMaleGeneral715West Bengal99.999068
13Harshit BansalMaleGeneral715Delhi-NCR99.999068
14Shashank KumarMaleGeneral715Bihar99.999068
15Kanchani Geyanth Raghu Ram ReddyMaleGeneral715Telangana99.999068
16Shubham BansalMaleGeneral715Uttar Pradesh99.999068
17Bhaskar KumarMaleGeneral715West Bengal99.999068
18Dev BhatiaMaleGeneral715Gujarat99.999068
19Arnab PatiMaleGeneral715West Bengal99.999068
20Shashank SinhaMaleOBC- NCL(Central List)712Bihar99.9990189
21Prakhar AgarwalMaleGeneral711Delhi (NCT)99.9987246
22Amritansh NigamMaleGeneral711Delhi (NCT)99.9987246
23Arya R.SFemaleGeneral711Kerala99.9987246
24Samuel Harshith TsapaMaleGeneral711Tamil Nadu99.9987246
25Yellampalli Lakshmi Pravardhan ReddyMaleGeneral – EWS711Andhra Pradesh99.9987246
26D. KathiravanMaleOBC – NCL (Central List)711Delhi (NCT)99.9987246
27Tanishq Devendra BhagatMaleOBC – NCL (Central List)710Maharashtra99.9962719
28Nishant SharmaMaleGeneral710Rajasthan99.9962719
29Shivam PatelMaleOBC – NCL (Central List)710Uttar Pradesh99.9962719
30Neel Niteshbhai LathiyaMaleGeneral710Gujarat99.9962719
31Pragata GhoshMaleOBC – NCL (Central List)710Rajasthan99.9962719
32Vedant GargMaleGeneral710Delhi (NCT)99.9962719
33Mimansha MounFemaleGeneral710Delhi (NCT)99.9962719
34Aakash JoonMaleGeneral710Delhi (NCT)99.9962719
35Surya Pratap MishraMaleGeneral710Odisha99.9962719
36Jacob BivinMaleGeneral710Tamil Nadu99.9962719
37Soumyadeep MannaMaleGeneral710Rajasthan99.9962719
38Vangipuram Harshil SaiMaleGeneral710Andhra Pradesh99.9962719
39Sumegha SinhaFemaleGeneral710Rajasthan99.9962719
40Kani YasariFemaleSC710Andhra Pradesh99.9962719
41Vaibhav SinhaMaleGeneral710Uttar Pradesh99.9962719
42Byresh. S.HFemaleGeneral710Uttar Pradesh99.9962719
43Jatin SaharanMaleOBC – NCL (Central List)710Rajasthan99.9962719
44Riddhi WajaringkarFemaleOBC – NCL (Central List)710Maharashtra99.9962719
45Kavalakuntla Pranathi ReddyFemaleGeneral710Andhra Pradesh99.9962719
46Tanay JainMaleGeneral710Delhi (NCT)99.9962719
47Tanna Badal SatishkumarMaleGeneral710Gujarat99.9962719
49Jagruthi BodeddulaFemaleGeneral710Telangana99.9962719
50Kamlesh SainiMaleOBC – NCL (Central List)710Rajasthan99.9962719
NEET UG Toppers 2023

NEET UG Toppers List 2023: Gender-Wise

Gender-wise NEET toppers list 2023 is provided below:

NEET UG 2023 Female Toppers

Here is the list of female toppers of NEET UG 2023 with category, marks obtained, and state:

NEET 2023 Toppers NameMarks Obt.CategoryAIRState
Pranjal Aggarwal715General4Punjab
Ashika Aggarwal715General11Punjab
Arya R.S711Barrera Ali23Kerala
Mimansha Moun710General33Delhi (NCT)
Sumegha Sinha710General39Rajasthan
Kani Yasari710SC40Andhra Pradesh
Bareera Ali710General42Uttar Pradesh
Riddhi Wajaringkar710OBC – NCL (Central List)44Maharashtra
Kavalakuntla Pranathi Reddy710General45Andhra Pradesh
Jagruthi Bodeddula710General49Telangana
NEET UG Toppers 2023-Female

NEET UG 2023 Male Toppers

Here is the list of Male Toppers of NEET UG 2023:

NEET 2023 Toppers NameMarks Obt.CategoryAIRState
Prabanjan J720General1Tamil Nadu
Bora Varun Chakravarthi720OBC- NCL(Central List)1Andhra Pradesh
Kaustav Bauri716SC3Tamil Nadu
Dhruv Advani715General5Karnataka
Surya Siddharth N715OBC- NCL(Central List)6Tamil Nadu
Shriniketh Ravi715General7Maharashtra
Swayam Shakti Tripathy715General8Odisha
Varun S715OBC- NCL(Central List)9Tamil Nadu
Parth Khandelwal715General10Rajasthan
Sayan Pradhan715General12West Bengal
Harshit Bansal715General13Delhi-NCR
Shashank Kumar715General14Bihar
Kanchani Geyanth Raghu Ram Reddy715General15Telangana
Shubham Bansal715General16Uttar Pradesh
Bhaskar Kumar715General17West Bengal
Dev Bhatia715General18Gujarat
Arnab Pati715General19West Bengal
Shashank Sinha712OBC- NCL(Central List)20Bihar
Prakhar Agarwal711General21Delhi (NCT)
Amritansh Nigam711General22Delhi (NCT)
Samuel Harshith Tsapa711General24Tamil Nadu
Yellampalli Lakshmi Pravardhan Reddy711General – EWS25Andhra Pradesh
D. Kathiravan711OBC – NCL (Central List)26Delhi (NCT)
Tanishq Devendra Bhagat710OBC – NCL (Central List)27Maharashtra
Nishant Sharma710General28Rajasthan
Shivam Patel710OBC – NCL (Central List)29Uttar Pradesh
Neel Niteshbhai Lathiya710General30Gujarat
Pragata Ghosh710OBC – NCL (Central List)31Rajasthan
Vedant Garg710General32Delhi (NCT)
Aakash Joon710General34Delhi (NCT)
Surya Pratap Mishra710General35Odisha
Jacob Bivin710General36Tamil Nadu
Soumyadeep Manna710General37Rajasthan
Vangipuram Harshil Sai710General38Andhra Pradesh
Vaibhav Sinha710General41Uttar Pradesh
Jatin Saharan710OBC – NCL (Central List)43Rajasthan
Tanay Jain710General46Delhi (NCT)
Tanna Badal Satishkumar710General47Gujarat
Kamlesh Saini710OBC – NCL (Central List)50Rajasthan
NEET UG Toppers 2023-Male

NEET UG Toppers-2022

On the NEET UG 2022 exam, Tanishka, Vatsa Ashish Batra, Hrishikesh Nagbhushan Gangule, and Rucha Pawashe scored 715 out of 720. Tanishka Pawashe from Karnataka is ranked first in the AIR, followed by Vatsa Ashish Batra from Delhi in second, Hrishikesh Nagbhushan Gangule in third, and Rucha Pawashe from Rajasthan in fourth.

Below is the list of NEET UG Toppers 2022:

NEET 2022 Rank and NameMarksCategoryPercentile Score
AIR 1 – Tanishka715OBC-NCL99.9997733
AIR 2 – Vatsa Ashish Batra715General99.9997733
AIR 3 – Hrishikesh Nagbhushan Gangule715General99.9997733
AIR 4 – Rucha Pawashe715OBC-NCL99.9997733
AIR 5 – Errabelly Sidharth Rao711General99.9997166
AIR 6 – Rishi  Vinay Balse710General99.9992066
AIR 7 – Arpit Narang710General99.9992066
AIR 8 – Krishna S R710General99.9992066
AIR 9 – Zeel Vipul  Vyas710General99.9992066
AIR 10 – Haziq Parveez Lone710General99.9992066
NEET UG Toppers-2022

NEET UG Toppers List 2022: Gender-Wise

NEET Toppers UG 2022 list is listed below for female and male toppers separately.

NEET UG 2022 Female Toppers

Candidates can check the list of female toppers of NEET UG 2022 below:

NEET 2022 Rank and NameMarks Obt.CategoryAIRPercentile Score
AIR 1 – Tanshika715OBC-NCL199.9997733
AIR 4 – Rucha Pawashe715OBC-NCL499.9997733
AIR 9 – Zeel Vipul Vyas710General999.9992066
AIR 11 – Sayantani Chatterjee710General1199.9992066
AIR 14 – Anuska Mandal710General1499.9992066
NEET UG 2022 Female Toppers

NEET UG 2022 Male Toppers

Below is the list of male toppers of NEET UG 2022:

Rank and NamePercentile ScoreMarks Obt.AIR
AIR 2 – Vatsa Ashish Batra99.99977337152
AIR 3 – Hrishikesh NagbhushanGangule99.99977337153
AIR 5 – Errabelly Sidharth Rao 99.99971667115
AIR 6 – Rishi Vinay Balse99.99920667106
AIR 7 – Arpit Narang99.99920667107
NEET UG 2022 Male Toppers

NEET UG Toppers 2021

Mrinal Kutteri, Tanmay Gupta, and Karthika G Nair got AIR-1, with an excellent score of 720 out of 720. NEET UG Topper 2021 list is listed below along with the Marks and Percentile Score:

NEET 2021 Rank and NameMarksPercentile Score
AIR 1 – Mrinal Kutteri72099.999806
AIR 1 – Tanmay Gupta72099.999806
AIR 1 – Karthika G Nair72099.999806
AIR 4 – Aman Kumar Tripathi71699.999741
AIR 5 – Jashan Chhabra71599.998705
AIR 5 – Deepak Sahu71599.998705
AIR 5 – Shubham Agarwal71599.998705
AIR 5 – Nikhar Bansal71599.998705
AIR 5 – Suyash Arora71599.998705
AIR 5 – Meghan H K71599.998705
AIR 5 – Hrutul Chhag71599.998705
AIR 5 – Rajat Goyal71599.998705
AIR 5 – Chandam Vishnu Vivek71599.998705
AIR 5 – Hriday Vishal Mohite71599.998705
AIR 5 – Gorripati Rushil71599.998705
AIR 5 – Khandavally Shashank71599.998705
AIR 17 – Gowrishankar S71599.998705
AIR 17 – Vaishnavi Sarda71599.998705
AIR 19 – Soumyadip Halder71599.998705
AIR 19 – Md Zeya Belal71599.998705
NEET UG Toppers 2021

NEET UG 2021 Toppers List: State-Wise

Here is the list of state-wise toppers of NEET UG 2021 along with the state and percentile scores:

NEET 2021 Rank and NameStateMarks ObtainedPercentile Score
AIR 1 – Mrinal KutteriTELANGANA72099.9998057
AIR 1 – Tanmay GuptaDELHI (NCT)72099.9998057
AIR 1 – Karthika G NairMAHARASHTRA72099.9998057
AIR 4 – Aman Kumar TripathiUTTAR PRADESH71699.999741
AIR 5 – Jashan ChhabraKARNATAKA71599.9987049
AIR 5 – Suyash AroraHARYANA71599.9987049
AIR 5 – Hrutul ChhagGUJARAT71599.9987049
AIR 5 – Rajat GoyalPUNJAB71599.9987049
AIR 5 – Chandam Vishnu VivekJAMMU AND KASHMIR71599.9987049
AIR 17 – Gowrishankar SKERALA71599.9987049
AIR 19 – Soumyadip HalderWEST BENGAL71599.9987049
AIR 19 – Md Zeya BelalBIHAR71599.9987049
AIR 23 – Geethanjali S ATAMIL NADU71099.9969565
AIR 23 – Pavit SinghCHANDIGARH71099.9969565
AIR 23 – Leena KhandelwalRAJASTHAN71099.9969565
AIR 43 – Sandeep Kumar KandiMADHYAPRADESH71099.9969565
AIR 75 – Nekta N Swasti Sravan MishraODISHA70599.9931359
AIR 125 – Souradeep DasTRIPURA70199.9916466
AIR 130 – Mridul AggarwalJAMMU ANDKASHMIR70099.9868547
AIR 143 – Shivank PatelCHHATTISGARH70099.9868547
AIR 197 – VijayalaxmiJHARKHAND70099.9868547
AIR 384 – Kshitiz Kumar SinghUTTARAKHAND69199.9734503
AIR 490 – Madhav SharmaHIMACHAL PRADESH69099.9667157
AIR 501 – Arsalan MosaddiqueOUTSIDE INDIA69099.9667157
AIR 637 – Nirlav BhuyanASSAM68599.9532466
NEET UG 2021 Toppers List: State-Wise

NEET UG 2021 Toppers: Gender-Wise

Below is the comprehensive list of top male and female toppers along with the percentile score and marks obtained in NEET UG 2021.

Top 5 NEET UG 2021 Female Toppers

The following is the list of the top 5 female toppers of NEET UG 2021 along with the percentile scores:

Rank and NameMarks ObtainedPercentile Score
AIR 1 – Karthika G Nair72099.9998057
AIR 17 – Vaishnavi Sarda71599.9987049
AIR 21 – Asmita Bag71199.9985754
AIR 22 – Saloni Verma71199.9985754
AIR 23 – VaishnaJayavardhanan71099.9969565
Top 5 NEET UG 2021 Female Toppers

Top 5 NEET UG 2021 Male Toppers

Here is the list of the top 5 NEET UG 2021 male toppers:

Rank and NameMarksPercentile Score
AIR 1 – Mrinal Kutteri72099.9998057
AIR 1 – Tanmay Gupta72099.9998057
AIR 4 – Aman Kumar Tripathi71699.999741
AIR 5 – Jashan Chhabra71599.9987049
AIR 5 – Deepak Sahu71599.9987049
Top 5 NEET UG 2021 Male Toppers

NEET UG Toppers 2020

AIR-1 and AIR-2 held by Soyeb Aftab and Akanksha Singh, scored full marks in NEET UG 2020. Soyeb Aftab is from Odissa and Akansha Singh is from Delhi.

NEET UG Toppers 2020 list is listed below.

Rank and NameMarksGenderPercentile Score
AIR 1 – Soyeb Aftab720Male99.9998537
AIR 2 – Akanksha Singh720Female99.9998537
AIR 3 – Tummala Snikitha715Female99.9995611
AIR 4 – Vineet Sharma715Male99.9995611
AIR 5 – Amrisha Khaitan715Female99.9995611
AIR 6 – Guthi Chaitanya Sindhu715Female99.9995611
AIR 7 – Satwik Godara711Male99.9994879
AIR 8 – Srijan R710Male99.9985369
AIR 9 – Karthik Reddy710Male99.9985369
AIR 10 – Matravadia Maanit710Male99.9985369
NEET UG Toppers 2020

NEET UG Toppers 2020: Category Wise

The Category-wise NEET UG toppers 2020 list is mentioned in the table below.

NEET Topper NameMarksCategory
Shoyeb Aftab720UR
Akanksha Singh720UR
Vinita Tiwari626PwD
Srijan R710OBC (NCL)
Abhiuday Pratap Singh710EWS
Anantha Parakrama B Nookala710SC
Mridul Rawat650ST
NEET UG Toppers 2020: Category Wise

NEET UG Toppers 2019

Nalin Khandelwal from Rajasthan got AIR-1 by scoring 701 out of 720, Bhavik Bansal from Delhi secured AIR-2 and got 700 marks out of 720 and AIR-3 is secured by Akshat Kaushik from Uttar Pradesh in NEET UG 2019.

NEET UG Toppers 2019 list is listed below.

Rank and NameMarks obtainedGenderPercentile Score
AIR 1 – Nalin Khandelwal701Male99.9999291
AIR 2 – Bhavik Bansal700Male99.9997873
AIR 3 – Akshat Kaushik700Male99.9997873
AIR 4 – Swastik Bhatia696Male99.9997165
AIR 5 – Anant Jain695Male99.999362
AIR 6 – Bhat Sarthak Raghvendra695Male99.999362
AIR 7 – Madhuri Reddy G695Female99.999362
AIR 8 – Dhruv Kushwaha695Male99.999362
AIR9 – Mihir Rai695Male99.999362
AIR 10 – Raghav Dubey691Male99.9992203
NEET UG Toppers 2019

NEET UG Toppers 2019: State-Wise

The state-wise NEET UG toppers 2019 list is mentioned in the table below.

StatesTotal Toppers in Top 50
Uttar Pradesh6
West Bengal3
Andhra Pradesh3
Madhya Pradesh3
NEET UG Toppers 2019: State-Wise

NEET UG Toppers 2019: Gender-Wise

Gender-wise NEET UG toppers list 2023 is provided below:-

Top 5 NEET UG 2019 Toppers- Female

The following is the list of the top 5 NEET UG 2019 Female Toppers along with the percentile score and marks:

Rank and NameMarksPercentile Score
AIR-7 MADHURI REDDY G69599.9993620
AIR-15 KIRTI AGRAWAL69099.9980861
AIR-16 QURESHI ASRA69099.9980861
NEET UG 2019 Toppers-Female

Top 5 NEET UG 2019 Toppers- Male

Below is the list of the top 5 NEET UG 2019 Male Toppers along with the percentile score and marks:

Rank and NameMarksPercentile Score
AIR-2 BHAVIK BANSAL70099.9997873
AIR-3 AKSHAT KAUSHIK70099.9997873
AIR-4 SWASTIK BHATIA69699.9997165
AIR-5 ANANT JAIN69599.9993620
NEET UG 2019 Toppers- Male

Below is the comment section you may ask any questions and queries related to NEET UG Toppers 2023.

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