Do you have these 9 Habits common among JEE/NEET Toppers

JEE/NEET Toppers Habits

Published - 18 August , 2023

Becoming a JEE & NEET topper requires not only immense dedication but also a systematic and disciplined approach.

JEE & NEET Toppers

Here are 9 important study habits that are common among successful JEE & NEET toppers

Study Habits

Toppers always make a plan for their day. They decide when they will study, practice problems, & take breaks to relax. This plan helps them cover all their subjects and topics in a smart way

 Time Management

As they say consistency is the key, students who do really well in exams have a regular schedule for studying. 

Consistent Study Routine

Instead of rote learning, toppers focus on understanding the concepts deeply. This helps them in solving the trickiest questions asked in JEE and NEET exam.

Thorough Understanding

Top students focus on learning the basics really well. They make sure they understand the core ideas before tackling harder topics.

Conceptual Clarity

Practice plays a crucial role in JEE preparation. Toppers solve a variety of problems from different sources and difficulty levels to enhance their problem-solving skills.

Regular Practice & Revision

Regularly taking full-length mock tests simulates the actual exam environment. Toppers then analyze their performance to identify weak areas and work on improving them.

Mock Tests and Analysis

Toppers allocate time for physical exercise, hobbies, and relaxation to prevent burnout and enhance overall well-being. Studies also suggest that an active lifestyle reduce stress and increases focus. 

Balanced Lifestyle

Toppers have a positive attitude towards challenges and setbacks. They stay motivated, practice mindfulness, and avoid unnecessary stress.

Positive Mindset

JEE and NEET toppers have mentioned that reducing the time they spend on social media was really helpful. This helped them concentrate better on their studies.

Limiting Social Media

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